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3 Crucial Tips for Boosting Customer Connections

Blog-connectionsSales are the lifeblood of your business. Whether you’re a team leader, account executive, or a business owner, you’re well-aware of how crucial numbers are to your operations. Quotas, milestones, and revenue underscore your team’s success, and when momentum grows strong, it’s easy to lose yourself in the numbers.

Beyond numbers, one core concept is central to your success – customer connections. Every sale stems from a strong customer bond – something that you may establish instantly or over time. These personal connections, can feel tough to balance with bottom-line numbers. Here are 5 quick tips to boost your efficiency, and help you out.

  1. 1.     Get more face time with clients

In an article for Inc, writer Geoffrey James points out how crucial it is to increase the percentage of time that you spend selling. This suggestion seems obvious, but think about it – how much time in your day do you actually spend selling? You probably waste significant time scheduling meetings, sorting through leads, and handling paperwork like expense reports. That’s busy-work. You need to outsource as much as you can to sales planners, administrative support, and automated systems to do what you already do best – selling.

  1. 2.     Ask more questions – and always be listening

You’re mastered your sales pitch, practiced your presentation, and created the most beautiful PowerPoint decks on Earth. So why do you feel like you’re missing the mark?

It could be that you’re too self-focused. Who is your prospect? What makes her tick? What are her key needs, and how does your solution meet those needs?

Treat the start of every sales conversation as a learning opportunity. Ask questions at the beginning before you jump into your pitch. With this strategy, you’ll accomplish three core objectives: you’ll show that you care, build a personal rapport, and have a clearer view of collaboration opportunities.

This approach is key to what sales leaders call consultative selling. Here is one definition of the concept from Richardson, and a step-by-step breakdown from HubSpot. If you’re running a sales group, make sure to share these articles when you onboard new team members.

  1. 3.     Provide a solution with value instead of a ‘nice-to-have’

“During these tough economic times, companies have drastically cut back on any type of purchase that may be considered non-essential or a luxury,” wrote Steve W. Martin for Harvard Business Review.

Financial and ROI-driven presentations are highly compelling. Come to the table with customer data, testimonials, and an ability to understand your prospects’ greatest pain points.

Bells and whistles are a strategy of the past. Needs, pain points, and efficiency are the ‘now’ and ‘future.’

What important tips have helped boost your sales operations?

  • Daisy Nosh

    Good tips on boosting the connections.
    Thanks for sharing this


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