Conversions Meet School: 5 Tips for Reaching Students

CollegeAdmissionsAs a school admissions rep, you have one of the best jobs on the planet – you help young adults map out the rest of their lives. It’s crucial that you take a step back to understand what this key audience needs.

From your perspective, they may be one of thousands of applicants you speak to each year. On the other side of the line, however, is an emerging professional who is determining how to best invest her life savings – whether to take on debt to pursue her career aspirations.

Be insensitive, and you’ll instantly scare prospective students away. Here’s how to keep them close.

1. Give Them the Time

Marinello Schools of Beauty was facing a tough crunch – leads are never in short supply. Problem is, there isn’t nearly enough person power to respond to each and every inquiry. A natural byproduct of this crunch is for reps to feel rushed – after all, your admissions team has list upon list to maneuver through. Whatever you do, don’t show it. Enthusiastic students will easily sense detachment. Give each prospective student the time she deserves.

2. Ask Questions

Don’t beat your applicants with a sales pitch about your school. Instead, take a different approach to show that you care. Ask personal questions – ‘What interests you about our program? What are your long-term plans?’  Prioritize your students and applicants above your immediate conversion goal.

3. Craft the Fit

After getting to know your applicants (through the great questions you ask), you’ll know quite a bit about them. Take the opportunity to connect that information with key facts about your school. As an admissions rep, it’s your job to build the connection – make it personal and real.

4. Keep It Low Key

Applicants to your school are already under a lot of pressure. Choosing a school is hard. Education is a big, expensive commitment. As an admissions rep, it’s your job to equip them with information instead of bombarding them with a sales pitch. Be aggressive, and prospective students will instantly run away. Be warm and welcoming, and students will feel comfortable enough to come back to you.

5. Be Available

Respond to leads as quickly as possible, and make sure to follow up. Be there to answer your applicants’ calls and questions. Millennial applicants value instant gratification. When they want information to make such an important decision, they want it now. No excuses. It doesn’t matter how many leads you have to sort through. You need to be as available, prompt, and personable as possible.

Leaders in the education space – what challenges do you face, and what solutions do you recommend?

Speak2Leads specializes in helping educators build valuable connections with new students. This post is part of a series to help schools and universities solidify those bonds.

Game-Changing Sales Wisdom from Top Business Leaders

buddahEveryone needs a little inspiration. Whether you’re a star account executive, new account manager, or experienced sales executive – you can always be better. Be bigger than yourself. Score that big deal, push your team to new heights, and set the bar high. You’re lightning in a bottle. Build more connections, grow your expertise, and be better than you ever imagined with the following business lessons:

Look Beyond Yourself – Deepak Chopra
Self-confidence is perfectly healthy. But what happens when “I” gets a little too big? You become isolated and detached from your community with a false sense of self.

“In a lifetime, ‘I’ stakes its claim on a person’s likes and dislikes, along with a fund of memories, all aimed at trying to maximize pleasure and minimizing pain,” wrote Chopra in a post for LinkedIn. “Despite this endeavor, which continues day after day, the ego is haunted by anxiety.” Listen to your true self by pursuing the bigger picture.

Your Persona Is Infectious – Mark Hunter
At all costs, leave your negative energy at home. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a bad day or if you think you have a poker face. When you’re bummed, your team and clients will know. Especially if you’re a manager or team leader, you need to keep the vibe strong.

“Your team takes cues from you, and if they hear you talking negative about customers, headquarters, or anything else, then it’s only natural they will pick up your negative style,” wrote sales leader Mark Hunter for his blog. Find a reason to smile. Yes, you. Right now.

Never Start a Sentence with an Apology – Jennifer Dulski
You’re giving a presentation and your equipment malfunctions. You’re a little sleepy, so you stutter a bit. You doubt yourself. You know what? It happens – and you’re your harshest critic. When you lead with “I’m sorry,” you completely undervalue what you’re about to say.

“It immediately removes your credibility with others such that, even if your idea is good, people are predisposed to think it isn’t,” wrote Jennifer Dulski for LinkedIn Today.

Process Makes Perfect – Glen Stoffel
The key to becoming a CRM or sales leader to build a foolproof process that can support the natural growth of your team. The last thing you want  is to be up and running without the infrastructure to help keep you moving. Imagine running a marathon in an old pair of loafers – at some point, it’s inevitable that you’ll hurt yourself.

“Define and fine-tune your business processes,” wrote Glen Stoffel for the Salesforce blog.

Your CRM, lead management, and sales automation apps will be the power-tools to get you there.

Your Thoughts
What advice keeps you and your sales team motivated? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Inside the Mind of a Top Sales Leader [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are your sales operations good or great? To answer that question, turn to your people – the pillars of your revenues, sales and profits.

“The sales leadership job is one of the toughest in business today,” wrote Scott Edinger in an article for Forbes. “It is a few critical jobs rolled into one: super seller, coach, strategist, and business leader.”

At any given time, sales leaders are worrying about ROI and data, aggressively pursuing quotas, managing relationships, prospecting opportunities, brainstorming pitches, and mentoring their teams. They’re true masterminds in the art of product marketing, relationship, building, persuasion, market research, and customer acquisition.

Fearless and passionate, they’re unstoppable forces of nature. They’ve mastered the art of failing – when they fall, they get right back up.

Thanks to Mindflash and Column Five Media, here’s an inside look into the brain of a sales mastermind:

Inside the Mind of a Sales Mastermind - 2

Sales leaders are cross-functional superstars

They wear many hats – they understand your product, build relationships for your business, and serve as your customers’ strongest advocates. Do your business a favor, and keep them in the loop!

They’re amazing motivators

Sales leaders understand more than what your customers are thinking – they get what your customers are feeling as well. They’re confident, external-facing pillars who make your company look awesome out there in the world.

They’re fighters

Sales leaders will relentlessly pursue the goals they’re given. Even in light of change – declining economics, shifting markets, new competitors, etc.— they’ll weather the storm.

What makes your sales team awesome? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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