4 MORE Tips for Generating Leads

Part 2 of the article “4 Tips for generating Leads”.

In this article we are going to be discussing 4 more ways to generate leads for your company. If you haven’t already read the article previous to this then you can read it [insert link here]. We know that generating customers is in the back of every business owners mind. The tools below can help you generate interested leads and help you maintain relationships with potential and current customers.

Use email marketing

This is direct engagement with your audience through email and is a highly effective marketing strategy. Effective marketing emails easily transform prospects into clients and turn one-time buyers into loyal recurring customers.  Email is still the #1 channel of communication and emails convert better than any other form of interaction – even social media.
How? You need to make sure that all of the items below are interesting and eye catching:

Live Chat

Speaking to a live person put potential and current customers as ease. Adding a chat function to your website or direct messaging people on social media, like Facebook, will make them feel like they have your full attention.

This makes them feel more secure that their questions or problems with be solved and answered. Even if they don’t use the chat function just knowing that it is there is still comforting to the customer.

How? There are a lot of platforms out there that make this effortless. Tawk.to is a free live chat application that makes it easy to monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from an available customizable page.

Answer a question on Quora

Quora is an increasingly popular Q&A based platform with a community consisting of millions of people. On Quora you can find questions that may relate your own business niche or professional knowledge and you can answer them.

Well rated, helpful answers are highlighted and appear more often in feeds. This makes it a fantastic way to draw attention to yourself, make yourself appear as a helpful, informative business owner, and pull in traction to your website.

How? It is completely free to create a profile with Quora. Once you have created one, search questions that you think relate to your niche and answer them to the best of your ability. Quora will start recommending you related questions after you have answered a few.

Share videos on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular form of social media currently with almost 5 billion views every day. It is not just a place to host videos, but a massive search engine with almost any topic you can imagine.

Every post you make to YouTube will remain there forever and will be easily searchable; unlike some social media websites where your posts expire or are replaced by newer content. By using YouTube to share events, helpful information, and business advice you can stand out from your competitors.

How? It is completely free to create a YouTube channel and upload your own content. This makes it simple to get started. Learn more


By using these tools, and keeping it creative and unique, you will surely be able to generate more leads. Remember you haven’t failed if you don’t receive instant sales. The whole point of using these tools is create a relationship with feasible leads that may turn into paying customers! Good luck hunting – and remember, keep it inventive!

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