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Lead Response Management Specialists

Based in San Diego, CA, Speak2Leads (S2L) is a pioneer in lead response management for small and mid-sized businesses. Our intuitive, web-based lead response suite boosts sales by enabling companies to immediately follow-up with potential customers when they’re most interested – now.

Established in 2004 by marketing and technology  innovators with a solid background in telephony applications, interactive voice response systems, and audio recognition, S2L is committed to developing the market’s most intuitive telephony lead response solution.

We Provide

● A cloud based Lead Response solution that connects your business with promising leads within seconds

● Reminders (to your team)  to ensure your team is persistent in connecting with leads  haven’t yet reached

● A highly efficient Lead Revival service that rejuvenates old (opted-in) leads and mines them for sales-ready prospects

● Optional Live Agents who qualify and transfer overflowing leads on behalf of your organization

● Analytics to monitor the real-time performance of every lead, source, and sales rep

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