How to Brand Yourself on LinkedIn

In this article learn what LinkedIn features can help you build your brand. We all know that an authoritative personal brand not only pulls in traffic, but it allows you to represent yourself as a trusted expert in your niche.

Today many people and brands are using social media as a tool to draw more awareness and engagement to their companies. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for doing this. In order to begin, ask yourself these 4 questions.

1. Who are you trying to connect with?

Know your audience. This is a crucial step when establishing yourself on LinkedIn.

Build your personal audience by posting interesting content in your industry, writing helpful blogs on important topics, and staying consistent.

For example, if you want to attract an audience interested in engineering than post content that is not only appealing to them, but useful.

You can easily start by connecting with employees or co-workers in the same industry. Check out who they have connected with.

2. What do you want to say about you?

Show some passion. You are the face of your company! Make WHAT you do and WHY you do it obvious to anyone clicking on your profile.

Your profile is the first impression many prospects and professionals in other industries will see. A 100% complete profile shows that you are taking advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer. The more complete your profile is the more likely for it to appear on the front page of google when someone searches your name!

Create a distinct LinkedIn profile headline, choose a creative professional photo of yourself, link your website and blogs, and tell YOUR story in the summary section.

3. What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Mention your most relevant experience and accomplishments. Personal branding on LinkedIn is NOT about sales, it is about being authentic. Focus on what you know, what makes you unique, and what you have to offer.

Ask yourself, “why would I want to connect with someone? ” Use your answer to make a profile page someone can’t help but notice.

4. What information do you have that you could share?

Express yourself as an informative, helpful professional and give generously. Helping others is a key way to build your own personal brand.

Express yourself as an informative, helpful professional and give generously. Helping others is a key way to build your own personal brand

Take advantage of LinkedIn Publisher and write a blog that you know others would find value in. If you already have a blog on your own personal website make sure it is easily accessible from your LinkedIn profile.
You can also join a targeted group or create your own group on LinkedIn.

By creating your own group, you can spread your company message, connect with others, and build integrity.  Invite those that you know would find value in deep discussions.

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