How to Market on LinkedIn

Businesses in almost any industry or niche can benefit from using LinkedIn to market. By marketing correctly on LinkedIn, you can establish yourself as a leader in your industry and pull in more viable, interested leads for your business. In the 2015 State of Marketing report, they found that now 70% of marketers are using social media. If you haven’t already started- it is time too! Check out the tools below for some tips on how to begin marketing on LinkedIn.

1. Complete your profile:

You ARE the face of the company — so be compelling. Try to get your LinkedIn profile 100% complete by adding skills, achievements, education, and anything else that you have accomplished!

You want to stand out from the other leaders in your industry or niche. People want to know what makes you different. When people search your name, your LinkedIn profile will most likely be one of the first sources they find so it’s important that it makes a good impression. People want to work with someone they can trust.

Other tips: Make sure your personal website and blogs link to your page! This will give you more integrity and lead potential customers to your site.

If you have a LinkedIn company page make sure that is also easily accessible from your profile page.

2. Identify your goal

What is your main goal on LinkedIn? Do you want to just build more awareness around your company, or do you want to generate more interested leads?

A lot of people join LinkedIn because they were invited to by coworkers or friends, but they leave their profile less than 50% complete or never return. They never learned LinkedIn’s full marketing capabilities or established a goal for joining the site. But it could be argued this is the MOST important part!

How?: LinkedIn offers many things. Determine whether your goal is to establish yourself as a professional in your industry, keep in touch with your co-workers and other professionals, explore opportunities, or grow your brand.

3. Develop relationships with major business partners

LinkedIn is great for keeping in touch with friends and pulling in prospects. But these are not the only ways to keep in contact! If you focus all your energy solely on leads then you miss out on the real potential of LinkedIn!

On LinkedIn, you can also develop relationships with marketing teams, existing customers, and other major business figures! Set yourself up for success by branching out and meeting new people.

4. Create a company profile

A company profile on LinkedIn can be very beneficial to your business. Have your employees or coworkers also create personal LinkedIn profiles that can connect to the company page.

Here your customers and prospects can learn more about your business, engage with the company and the people who work there, and it builds trust.

Other tips: It is here that your company can start building an audience for itself. Post relevant content about your business and have links to your website and blogs.

5. Join targeted groups or create your own

LinkedIn groups can take your business to another level! It is valuable to be a part of groups relating to your niche or creating your own groups. Here you can spread your company message, grow your business, connect with other executives, and build integrity.

How?: Some LinkedIn groups can be filled with spam and self-advertising which gives them a bad wrap. However, if done right they can be used for meaningful discussions. If you want to start your own group then start by picking a topic that you know your audience cares about, be active in the discussions, remove spam, and invite those that you know find these interactions valuable.

6. Be creative

Last, but not least — be creative.

You want to stand out from other competitors by posting interesting content, having a strong goal or message, being trustworthy, and putting the customers first. Make what you do and why you do it obvious right away when clicking on your page. Make it simple and easy to navigate to your website or blogs. And remember being original is one of the MOST important skills you can have!

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