Let Your Talking Do the Walking

Last updated on June 7, 2016
Let your talking do the walking

Let your talking do the walking

Though it may seem like several lifetimes ago, it hasn’t been that long since the Yellow Pages was our only answer to “Googling” a desired product or service.  The Yellow Pages had a great slogan: “Let your fingers do the walking”.  But thanks to enhanced processing power, improved voice recognition technology, and ever more refined speech-to-text accuracy, I think we’ve finally reached the point where we have the option to accomplish most of our desired tasks with our voices instead of our fingers.

From a consumer product perspective, one great example of how far we’ve come is Alexa, Amazon’s sublime virtual assistant. As an integral part of Echo, Amazon’s uber-popular voice-controlled home device, Alexa can order a pizza, tell you about the weather, turn off the lights, and remind you to take the trash out.  And unlike some voice-recognition technology (ahem, Xbox Kinect), Alexa actually understands what you’re saying.

In Speak2Leads’ more specialized domain, where we cater to sales representatives who make their living on the phone, advancements in interactive voice response (IVR) and voice recognition engines represent a major breakthrough.  We’ve begun integrating this technology into our service offer, and soon our clients, in addition to speaking with prospects and customers on the phone, will be able to conveniently use their voice to record call notes, create tasks, set follow-up appointments, and launch nurturing campaigns.

The upside will be tremendous.  For example, how about when you’re driving.   You just finished a productive call with a hot prospect, and instead of having to pull over and log your call notes or summarize a great follow-up sales approach, you can just talk and let S2L’s transcription engine covert your speech to text and then post it in note form directly to your CRM.

Also, whether in the field or in the office, most salespeople will tell you that the least favorite part of their job (besides expense reports) is logging into their CRM (or sticky notes, email, standard Excel document –whatever you prefer) to make notes, create tasks, set follow-ups, etc.  But regardless of the method you use, the key is to find a way to optimize workday efficiency – and that’s exactly what S2L’s voice recognition software will help you do.

What’s most important is that you consistently keep your promises to prospects and clients, and that you persistently follow-up on leads and maximize your meaningful daily conversations.  Disenchantment with your CRM (or whatever database you use) can take you to a place where over time, the tasks begin to pile up to the point that you resent their very existence – and pretty soon you start ignoring them altogether. S2L’s voice recognition software is the cure for this type of sales-related malaise.

Our new features will enable sales reps to use their voice to record call notes as soon as the prospect hangs up.  The notes are then transcribed within minutes (by machine) and posted to your CRM.  You’ll also be able to use your voice to schedule a follow-up call on a specific day and time – and on that day and time, you’ll get a call prompting you to “press or say 2” to call your prospect.  If you can’t remember who they are or what you last talked about, no worries – just listen to your call notes before saying 2.

If you’re stuck in a meeting and can’t make the call, you’ll have the option to press 4 (you could “say 4”, but we don’t want you to get in trouble) and “snooze” it for however long you prefer.  When you’re  ready to answer the call again, just say 2 and connect the call, and your CRM will automatically update itself with a completed task that you’ve called the prospect.  And if it turns out the prospect doesn’t answer, another follow-up task will be automatically created so that you don’t forget about this important contact.

These are two of many examples of how S2L has evolved beyond lead response and is now supporting the “post-conversation” aspects of selling in order to boost efficiency and closing rate.

This new voice recognition technology will dovetail nicely with our other innovative, recently-released features, all designed to make a salesperson’s job more efficient and more profitable.  For instance, did you know that our automated lead response feature calls you mere seconds after a new Internet lead arrives, and automatically prompts you to call the lead?  And this great lead response technology works even better when paired with our lead follow-up feature.  Say you call the lead back and get voice mail.  With S2L’s lead follow-up, we’ll prompt you to try again at optimally-timed (not overly-persistent) intervals.  Meanwhile, the CRM is updated with each attempt.  No work or thinking required – just answer the phone and follow the prompts.     

Speaking of evolution, our voice recognition feature is coming to your phone soon, and after you’ve used it we’d love to hear your thoughts.  Did you “let your talking do the walking”?  Are you closing more deals than ever?  Let us know!

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