With Speak2Leads your sales team is prompted to call every lead at the most opportune time with the push of a button.

Despite being one of our most loved features, if your reps are not available to respond to an S2L lead call, your results will suffer, and opportunities will be missed.


That's why we created Live Agent S2L, a service that ensures your lead response is 100% proactive, so you never miss an opportunity to connect and convert a potential customer.

With Live Agent S2L you don’t need to hire additional reps or waste time chasing down unqualified leads. We offer a smarter, more affordable solution.

Speak2Leads will provide qualified sales reps, trained to call leads in your stead, according to your specific use case (we list a few below).

We'll respond to your leads from 8AM - 9PM 7 days a week. And follow up any leads that arrive after hours.



Lead Response S2L is included in the Live Agent S2L

the US$ 375 setup fee includes all these benefits and features:

  • Account set up including phone number, call transfers or shared calendar and email integration

  • Agent training on your qualifying script

  • 95% of your leads called within 60 seconds or less

and on the following months, for only US $2475 you get:

  • Up to 500 leads called up to 6 times each, apppointment setting or warm transfer to your sales team and email alerts

  • 500 leads routed to S2L Live Agents. Incremental cost per lead is $4.95.

    Additional phone numbers used to segment various lead types for Live Agents will be billed at $5 per month each.

    HIPPA compliant scheduling is available for medical appointments.

Doesn't it sound a lot better than letting your hot leads go unattended, wasting so many precious opportunities to generate new customers?

Maximizing ROI

You spend a lot of time and money generating web leads. Whether they come in organically via SEO, from a landing page, Facebook and Google campaigns conducted by you or your digital marketing agency, the only way you will get the maximum return on your investment (ROI) is to make the utmost effort to speak to every lead.

The average internet user visits five websites and completes three different web forms

...but 50% of these leads are never tackled...

...of those that are, 75% wait more than a full day for a response

The ideal response window is only 60-seconds long. A whopping 80+% of potential customers buy from the first company responding to their inquiry. Speed and perseverance are vital for the ideal conversion rate.

Speak2Leads solutions

On average, Speak2Leads’ customers connect, on their first attempt, with about 50% of their fresh leads during business hours.

Persistence matters when it comes to the other 50%.

Most sales teams take a half-hearted approach to persistence, and who can blame them? So many tasks, so little time: when their list of leads follow-ups keeps growing because the first or 2nd or 3rd attempt doesn't connect, they usually become discouraged.

When they do follow up, their approach is often willy-nilly. There's no consideration for optimum intervals between attempts or coordinated effort with emails and voice mails to increase receptivity.

Speak2Leads automates all of this and removes all the busywork needed to keep track of follow-up leads. You no longer have to assign leads in advance to each rep: S2L does it for you. This frees up your entire team to pick up calls and truly focus on each lead opportunity.


With Live Agent S2L, everything is automated, and you will never miss an opportunity to speak to a lead. You will take comfort in the fact every lead has been given the maximum attention through a combination of phone calls, emails, and voice mail messages.


Not enough reps to answer all the S2L calls and press 2 to contact the leads (up to 6 times)

Our solution: first, we call one of your reps with the lead inquiry. Are they on it? Good. If the reps are all tied up on other calls, we'll forward the request to the expert team we can offer thanks to our professionally trained live agents.


You want to use your reps to call only fresh new leads during business hours

Our solution: if your reps connect great; if not, the reattempts and leads that come in after hours are routed to our live agents (sales reps).


Too busy to respond to S2L calls and qualify leads. You only want your calendar full of qualified appointments

Our solution: We have an expert team to screen your S2L lead calls and direct incoming calls if you need us to, so you know that your time will be well spent.

When our highly-trained Live Agent S2L team contacts your lead, you have three options. We can:

1) Qualify the lead based on your specific criteria and update you

2) Set an appointment with the lead or

3) Live-transfer the lead to you


  • The average prospect visits five websites and completes three different web forms.
  • 50% of internet leads are never followed up on. Of those that are, 75% wait more than 24 hours for a response.
  • If your reps are unavailable, Live Agent S2L immediately follows up with and a lead inquiry and pre-qualifies it based on your criteria.
  • Our agents can handle reattempts, thereby freeing up your team to focus on immediate opportunities and existing business.
  • Live Agent S2L connects you with as many leads as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • Initial set up fee is only $375.
  • HIPPA compliant calendar available.

Don’t miss a single lead with Live Agent S2L!

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