New Press 2 Feature

Last updated on June 17, 2015

finger with telephone keypad

Since rebuilding our platform five years ago, Speak2Leads has surpassed 1,000 features — some of which are on the “backend”, and not as noticeable, and some of which are more obvious. One of our newest features, “Press or Say 2”, allows you to either speak your command or press 2 on your telephone keypad.

This handy option is especially useful when Speak2Lead calls you with a lead when you need to be hands free, i.e. while you’re driving. It also helps override any “press 2” (DTMF) issues that may occur. Some of our clients have reported that every so often when they press 2, a call isn’t generated. Nothing happens. This is because our application can’t hear the tone produced by the “2” key in certain situations.

The main causes of this are a weak phone signal due to bandwidth degradation on VOIP phones, and mysterious intermittent DTMF issues. To learn more, read this article on DTMF issues and troubleshooting from Voip Mechanic.

Stay tuned — we have some exciting new things in the development pipeline, and we‘ll give you a heads-up when they’re released!

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