White Label Partnership Program

If you’re a lead generation or digital marketing company, you’ll appreciate the following scenario:

My company does a great job of generating high-quality leads for our clients, but they don’t respond fast enough. And when they finally do – several hours, or in some cases several days later – the leads are ice cold!

Here’s another one:

If my client doesn’t reach a lead on the first attempt (assuming they made an attempt at all), they give up and don’t make enough follow-up calls to connect. Then they call me and complain that our leads are not converting.

And finally:

The worst part is I have no idea what my client is actually doing with our leads, or what kind of effort they’re making in terms of speed and persistence. And frankly they have no idea either.

Here’s a thought: try Speak2Leads. When you’re a white label partnership of our Lead Response Management platform, you get 100% visibility into what your clients are doing with your leads. Moreover, S2L gives your client the tools they need to respond within seconds to every hot lead you generate, ensuring maximum connections and conversions.

Plus, we provide automated persistence at optimum intervals to prevent your client from giving up if they don’t connect with a lead on their first attempt.

The moment you integrate S2L into your lead generation process is the moment your leads become more valuable. Your client’s sales will get an immediate boost, and they’ll love the higher return-on-investment that your leads provide.

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