Productivity Apps You Needed Yesterday

Last updated on October 23, 2013

For small business owners, time is a scarce resource. It’s amazing what lengths we’ll go to maximize our days. We wake up at 5AM to hit the CrossFit gym and take care of our bodies. By 8:30 AM, we’re ready to roll and sync up with our clients and teams. We go non-stop until evening. Maybe we’ll take a quick break and have dinner. But even during downtime, we’re restless and ready to hop on email. Entrepreneurship isn’t a job. It’s a life-calling. It’s hard-wired into our DNA. We’re restless, relentless, and never stop pursuing our dreams.

That means we have to cut corners somewhere. Every minute counts. Our lifeblood? Technology.

Productivity apps can help us make the most of our limited time and budgets. The less time we spend scheduling or managing expenses, the more time we can spend fundraising and driving growth. The following tools will change your life.

1. Dropbox 

This tool lets you access your files from anywhere. Rather than struggling with USB drives, convoluted network servers, and email attachments, you can keep your files in one place. Host everything in one place, and invite collaborators to view your links based on permissions. Dropbox integrates with your computer’s network settings and is accessible through an online interface. You can even access your files through a mobile app.





2. Clarity

Good advice is hard to come by, and when you have questions, you need answers immediately. That’s why Clarity launched its dial-an-expert service. The goal is to connect business leaders and new entrepreneurs with on-demand business advice, no matter where they are. Never feel lost or alone again. Clarity connects you with so many others who’ve been there before you.


3. Fuzebox

Clunky collaboration platforms are the rule rather than the exception. We’ve all been there. Between clunky Go-To-Meeting invitations to crashed computers and plugins that don’t work, it’s easy to feel frustrated with what’s on the market. Then Fuze came along. This collaboration tool provides a seamless user experience, regardless of what device you’re using. Share your screen, collaborate via video, or host a conference call. You can even dial in with Skype.


4. HipChat

This cross-platform app provides a hosted IM and group chat service to help your team stay in touch from anywhere in the world. This communication tool is a staple for geo-diverse teams. You can set whatever privacy settings you need to ensure that communication stays within your team and network of consultants.


Final Thoughts: Delegate

The most important productivity tip? Share more with your team. Most likely, you’re overextended. Don’t deny it. If you run a small business, there are tasks that you should definitely unload. Don’t be afraid to empower your team with autonomy to get up and running. Give them space, learning opportunities and the tools they need and they’ll shine.

What are some of your favorite resources for streamlining your time?




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