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Lead Revival S2L- Lead Nurturing Software

software for lead nurturingWhat it is

Don’t call the coroner – instead, revive your aged leads with Lead Revival S2L! If you’ve got a bunch of aged Remarketing S2Lleads that haven’t yet lived up to their potential, let Lead Revival S2L take a crack at them before performing last rites. Statistically, at least 2-3% of any existing database, no matter how dusty and forlorn, has revenue possibilities. Our customers are seeing conversions as high as 7%! Lead Revival S2L could be the extra push you need to increase profit and zip past the competition.

lead nurturing software listWhat you get

A legally compliant service dedicated to ensuring that no stone is left unturned in your quest for new clients and revenue streams. If you don’t have the time and/or manpower to probe old databases,Lead Revival S2L is happy to do the job for you. We can call thousands of (opted in) leads per week for you. You just answer the phone when a lead is ready to talk  and away you go!

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lead nurturing software instructionsHow it works

Using a custom message of your design,Lead Revival S2L calls your entire database and invites each lead to connect with you. Once a lead opts in, it is immediately connected with your sales team — proving that luck, timing and a little TLC is sometimes all it takes to turn a “dead lead” into a happy client. Here is an example of aLead Revival S2Lcall:

number_4What it costs

Our pricing is straight forward and competitive: after a $295 set-up fee, $0.10 cents/lead earns you three call attempts per lead via our persistent follow-up system. For each lead that opts-in, you pay $4.95.Lead Revival S2L is affordable, straightforward and best of all, money well-spent. Who knew digging through the “trash” could be so much fun – and so profitable?

  • 2-7% of any existing database has revenue possibilities
  • Leave no stone unturned in your quest for new clients and revenue streams
  • No time to probe old databases? We’ll do it for you
  • An offer that’s affordable, straightforward and best of all, money well-spent
  • Using a custom-recorded message, we call your entire database and invite each lead to connect with you
  •  Once a lead opts in, it is immediately connected with your sales team



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