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LiveChat S2L

For your business

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For your prospects

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LiveChat S2L
  • Customizable

    Arrange the LiveChat interface in the fashion that best suits your business

  • Easy

    Get up and running in hours, not days

  • Increase

    LiveChat converts "browsers" into bona fide prospects

  • Flexible

    Use our LiveChat agents with our platform or yours – whatever your pleasure

  • Escalating

    LiveChat quickly turns a chat into a serious sales discussion

  • Engaging

    LiveChat's free, proactive greeting sets the tone for a fruitful conversation

  • Genuine

    LiveChat humanizes the sales process, allowing customers to speak with an actual person and not a machine

  • Dedicated

    Customers can access LiveChat 24/7, 365 days/year

  • Solid

    LiveChat builds trust between customers and your company

  • Streamlined

    Customers can make decisions/ purchases quickly and confidently in a no-hassle environment

  • Closer’s

    Hot leads receive an immediate call from a qualified sales rep

  • High-tech

    LiveChat is designed for today’s customers, who enjoy doing business online


Engage More Prospects with Live Chat S2L

number_1What it is

With Speak2Leads’ Live Chat S2L, your business will benefit from the convenience and comfort of real-time, live agents available 24/7, 365 days a year — agents working on your behalf to qualify and then forward prospects to your sales team with a phone call.

number_2 What you get

Our Live Chat agents will obtain your lead’s contact information, and when the lead is ready to speak with one of your sales reps, a phone call goes to your sales team alerting them that a Live Chat lead wants to talk.  After your rep presses “2” to call the lead, the closing can begin!

Live Chat S2L is designed to enhance your customer service and build trust, which translates to more connections and higher sales.

number_3 How it works

The system is easy to use — no software, IT department or licensing required.  What’s more, Live Chat S2L is extremely flexible.  You can opt to have us take care of the entire process, including developing a custom FAQ response library, training our highly qualified chat agents on your specific business requirements, and monitoring your website day and night — or, if you prefer, you can utilize Live Chat S2L with your own agents and still benefit from the technology’s significant upside.

–       Live Chat S2L is proactive — not reactive — meaning that your website visitors are encouraged to initiate a chat.

–       Based on your business needs, we develop a custom FAQ response library with proven scripts designed to address prospect inquiries and move the chat from web visit to sales call.

–       Our live agents monitor your website around the clock.

number_4What it costs

Live Chat S2L is priced to pay off quickly: get started for a $750.00 set-up fee to build your FAQ library and train our dedicated agents on your business. The minimum monthly fee is $495.00 which includes the first 75 chats. Each additional chat is $5.00. All website visitors are greeted free. This service can be combined with Lead Response S2L so your reps will get a call prompting them to call the new lead while we are still chatting with them – while they are still hot!

  • Improves conversion rates by turning web visitors into leads
  • Converts Live Chat leads into immediate phone calls for your sales team
  • Greets every website visitor, thus increasing engagement and reducing site abandonment
  • Utilizing a live agent is a great way to build consumer confidence and trust in your company
  • Flexibility:  we can execute Live Chat S2L on your behalf, or you can easily integrate the tech side into your own live agents/web approach
  • Transcripts are emailed to you after every chat



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