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Did you know, most company sales reps:

Speak to only 27% of their leads

Make 1.3 call attempts before giving up and move on to the next lead

Call only 50% of their
leads a second time

Wait 47 hours before picking up the phone to call back their web leads

Win more sales now.

Increase your odds 500% of speaking to your web leads, by responding within 60 seconds.

78% of people buy from the first company they speak to.

Connect to 92% of your leads, by calling them back up to six times.


S2L bridges the gap between your phone and web leads.

Speak2Leads (S2L) is an automated lead response solution to help you contact and follow-up with your web leads. Quickly. Persistently. Automatically.
S2L will help you be first, by being quick.

A lead submits
a lead-gen
web form

Your rep’s phone rings instantly.

Rep hears leads name and what they're inquiring about, then...

Press or say “2” to call lead
in seconds.

S2L will encourage you to be persistent.

Hey, what if the rep doesn’t reach the lead on the first call? No worries. S2L will automatically prompt your reps to call again until they speak to a lead.

S2L works the way you do.

Your sales reps already know how to speak to leads. That’s what they do, why you hired them.
That is, once they get them on the phone. S2L removes the drudgery for your reps to get in touch with your leads. Their new job is to:

Answer the phone + follow the prompts + speak to leads

No training or new disciplines required.

Mike Hough

I’m a Believer!
The conversion rate from inquiry to order is double or triple some months from what we used to get. I see the value of the impulse purchase for my Inn and Wedding company and just as you told me “Catch ‘em while they’re HOT” has become my mantra to my sales team.”

Mike Hough, CEO, Kauai Island Weddings

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