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With Speak2Leads Your web forms become phone calls
& phone calls become customers

Speak2Leads makes it easy to speak to and close hot leads and our
Lead Response dashboard lets you track your sales team’s effort and results from start to finish.

Do you have money to burn?

We didn’t think so. But apparently a lot of other businesses seem to think they do. Last year, companies worldwide spent $118B to generate Internet leads -- and another $18B on CRMs to help manage those leads. And here’s what they got for their gargantuan investment:

  • 12%of all leads received no follow-up of any kind
  • 33%of all leads received an email, but no phone call
  • 40%of all leads had to wait more than a week to receive a phone call or email
  • 80%of all leads received too few calls
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Phone # you can answer now

This phone number field stands for your sales rep’s number.

For the purpose of this demo, your mobile number or any other number you have immediate access to will do.

Submit a simulated form inquiry

This simulated form inquiry represents a new prospect. Please don’t use the same phone number as in Step 1. 

Speak to your lead now

 When your 'lead' hits SUBMIT button in Step 2, S2L immediately calls the 'sales rep's' phone number entered in Step 1.

The ‘sales rep’ will follow the S2L voice prompts and press “2” to call the lead.

Try it out now–it only takes 30 seconds!

Speak2Leads works with any form or http post from any CRM or lead email from unlimited lead sources. (If you are outside of the USA please contact us for a link to a demo for your country code.)


Speak to More Leads

Automate lead responses to

optimally timed intervals



Beat Your Competition

Connect with prospects in

less than 60 seconds



Close More Sales

 Spend more time building

customer relationships