Convert web leads
into phone calls

and phone calls into
paying customers!

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Are you losing out on missed sales
from your web leads?

Are you responding
fast enough to your
web leads?

Most company sales reps wait 47 hours before picking up the phone to call back their web leads.

Are you calling
them back enough times?

Most company sales reps make 1.3 call attempts before giving up and moveon to the next lead.

What percentage of
your leads are you
speaking to?

Most company sales reps speak to only 27% of their leads.

This Adds Up To 73%

of all leads companies generate
on the web being wasted

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Yes, leads die fast, so you’d better...

be first

Dramatically increase you conversion rates by being the first to make contact

78% of people buy from
the first company they
speak to.

be quick

How quick? Faster than you can say “one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two...”

Increase your odds 500%
of speaking to your web
leads by responding
within 60 seconds.

be persistent

If the rep doesn’t reach
the lead on the first call,
S2L will automatically prompt them to call again until they
speak to a lead.

Connect to 92% of your leads, by calling them back up to six times.

Track every lead

Here’s a peek at the Lead Performance Dashboard – everything you
could want in lead-tracking software and a whole lot more:

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Integrate seamlessly

S2L's lead response management platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with top players in the fields of CRM, lead generation, lead management and marketing automation, and conversation optimization.

Zapier Mailchimp Unbounce Infusionsoft

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