Your sales reps only get one shot. Speak2Leads is their silver bullet.

Sleep better at night knowing your leads are getting the attention they deserve. Our software
converts inbound form data from text to speech and delivers the info to your sales rep
via a phone call. Reps are prompted to press 2 to dial the lead and - when they
answer - you have a hot lead on the phone. Mission accomplished.

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The days of inconsistent lead follow-up are over!

The days of inconsistent lead follow-up are over!

Speed is essential when responding to inbound inquiries. But when
your first attempt isn't picked up, you need persistence. That's
the key to increasing sales.

With Speak2Leads, no one needs to 'own' the responsibility of getting in touch with a lead. That effort can now be shared
across your entire team, resulting in more conversations
with hot leads
and more sales for your business.

Here's how Speak2Leads works…

And our automated calling software is the simplest way to contact your inbound leads in record
time. We put your reps on an instant phone call with your prospects - all so you can
supercharge sales and smash performance targets. Here's how it works…

How Speak2Leads works

Automatically optimized lead response and follow-up

After 11+ years and millions of calls, we have learned what works to increase connections
with your leads. We automate the call intervals and the priority of each lead to help your
reps to increase their connection rates, remove busy work and bottle necks. You can
add automated multi-channel messaging to improve your contact rates. The perfect
mix of voice mails, text messages and emails in between your call attempts can
boost your connections even more.

Since 2010, we've been improving inbound lead response and boosting sales...

Speak2Leads is jam-packed with awesome features to boost contact rates, improve sales
figures and make your life a helluva lot easier. Our reporting dashboard gives you
visibility into every lead's journey and outcome. Oh - and integration is a snap.

Speak2Leads helps your sales team go from 'argh!' to 'ahhh…'

No need to change your phone system or CRM

No need to change your phone system or CRM

Easily integrate with existing tools and future tech stack upgrades.

The right rep for the right lead at the right time

The right rep for the right lead at the right time

Route calls by location, rep priority, service type and more.

Help your reps connect without thinking

Speak2Lead calls to reps are automatically prioritized

Speed, persistence and lead priority are automated. Your reps
just have to answer their phone and follow the prompts.

Multi-channel messaging made simple

Multi-channel messaging made simple

Connect results to your automation with 'if this then that' workflows.

No usage restrictions for your sales teams

No usage restrictions for your sales teams

Pay based on leads posted, not your number of reps.

Track results and monitor performance

Track results and monitor performance

Real-time visibility for every lead from start to finish.

Here's the best part…our software
doesn't break the bank!

It's our mission to make effective lead follow-up affordable and customizable. So whether
you've got 1 rep or 100 - you pay the same low fee per lead. Oh - and you don't have
to change a thing with your current process. We'll adapt to you!

Are you ready to supercharge
your sales performance?

If you think your business could benefit by being able to speak to more of your
inbound leads, then look no further than Speak2Leads. We'll make sure your
sales team has the opportunity to speak to every lead in seconds.

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