Speak2Leads + Zapier

Most modern web apps have an application program interface (API) that lets third-party developers interact with it and do things like upload information, download stored data, and assist with email retrieval, for example.

Zapier is a free, open ecosystem where anybody with an API can use Zapier to connect their API with other APIs. It’s like a universal plug that allows various applications to work together.

Rather than paying huge sums for one mediocre general solution, businesses can carefully invest in highly specialized apps that perfectly fit what they’re trying to do. For example, you might use Slack to manage your team, Facebook and Adwords to generate leads, Unbounce for your prospect landing pages, Salesforce for your CRM, and a dozen other apps dedicated to different parts of your business. But how do you connect these different apps and get them to work together? That’s where Zapier comes in. Zapier has done an incredible job building a “connected ecosystem” for its customers.

Which brings us to Speak2Leads (S2L). After observing more than 1,000 apps in their directory, Zapier found that the most successful apps share the following traits: specialized excellence in one specific area, flexibility, integrable with other apps, and an ability to expand the market as a platform. We think S2L fits this description to a T.

Why Zapier + Speak2Leads?

By integrating Zapier with S2L, you’ll enjoy expedited lead response. When you receive a web lead on Facebook, Wufoo, Unbounce, or another lead-friendly platform such as your CRM, S2L puts your sales team in touch with the lead within seconds. Due to competition and short attention spans, internet leads are highly perishable. Thus the importance of a quick connection can’t be understated. In fact, speaking with a lead within 60 seconds of their call increases your close-probability by almost 400%.

S2L has a proven track record of connecting its clients with their leads. A lead submits a web form to a client’s website, and S2L’s automated lead response technology immediately calls the client’s sales team and prompts them to contact the lead. But we’re only talking about website leads here – imagine having the power to quickly contact leads arriving not just from your website, but also from several other interconnected platforms? That’s what S2L + Zapier can do for you.

How the Zapier-S2L integration works:

Login to Zapier and connect S2L with various lead-generation-related apps (Unbounce, Facebook, Formstack, Gravity Forms, etc.). Each connection is called a “Zap”. Once a Zap is made, you can create a “trigger event”. For example, in this case a trigger event would be when a new Unbounce lead arrives. After this trigger event occurs, an “action” happens, i.e. the Unbounce lead is automatically sent to S2L, which immediately calls your sales team. After this first action, other actions can be created – for instance, you can use Zapier to add the lead to your CRM.

And this is just the beginning. Use Zapier to integrate other S2L solutions like your Live Chat application. Now your agents or bot can escalate your introductory chats with prospects into phone calls with your sales team. Or put the visitor in touch with the appropriate customer support rep for support chats.

And if old leads reemerge and heat up, Zapier can create a trigger with Speak2Leads that prompts your sales team to call these leads and strike while the iron is hot.

Get started with these popular Speak2Lead Zaps

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